Is it REALLY torture?

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Every since President Bush gave the order to invade Iraq,  liberals and neo-conservatives have been hand-wringing over mistreatment of enemy combatants.

Military leaders were admonished for the slightest of offenses and, even though we had not fought a nation signed onto the Geneva Convention since WWII, our warriors were cautioned to abide by these rules even if the enemy did not.

We saw our troops hamstrung by politicized Rules of Engagement that cost countless American lives in combat.

Recently President Trump indicated that he would consider lifting sanctions on certain enhanced interrogation techniques including water-boarding.  The response was immediate and shrill.

It is inhumane…it is torture….besides, inhumane actions aren’t a deterrent  they are  a recruiting tool for Islamic extremists!

Well today we discover that the people from the very cultures which “would be” incensed by waterboarding   or naked prisoner pyramids….know EXACTLY what works on the enemy.

The Iraqi army is leaving a message on the streets of Mosul as they allow the corpses of Islamic terrorists to rot in plain view of the residents and to be eaten by dogs.  Some of them still have their suicide belts attached to what is left of their bodies.

In Islam this is far worse than body pyramids or anything we might have done in Abu Gharib or Gitmo.  Are they worried about it becoming a recruitment tool?

Here is a quote from a local soldier: “We want the citizens to know there is a price for supporting terrorists.”

It appears that waterboarding and body stacking are laughable offenses in this culture.  Here are some real torture techniques taken from the Al Queda torture manual captured by US troops:

Dragging victims behind vehicles…gouging out their eyes

How about searing their flesh with a blowtorch or hanging them up and electrocuting them?

There is always breaking bones and beating prisoners with sticks.

Or hanging them by their feet and whipping them.  Maybe just using a clothes iron to burn large areas of their bodies

Well if you are one of those people who still blanches at the idea of running water over someone’s face or stacking them like cordwood…thankfully you are in a small minority.  Only 30% of Americans in 2015 were opposed to our government using these interrogation techniques on enemy combatants to obtain information while 46% approved.

If we are going to send troops into harms way, or bring hundreds of thousands of people into the US from nations which hate us…we had better have quick and effective means of staying ahead of the enemy once they have been captured and identified.

Leave the handwringing to university professors and career politicians, it is time to set aside our outdated notions on interrogation.

It is time to get real!

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